The Value Management Platform

Innovative Solution for Accelerating Business Outcomes, Driving Organizational Maturity and Transforming Management Practices


Innovative organizations have right products and services at the right time at the right price, providing perceived and tangible value to their customers.

Achieving and sustaining competitive advantage or managing business value is about planning and managing organizational, functional and individual capabilities. It is about anticipating business needs and making right decisions today for tomorrow’s needs.

CAMPTM has a built-in knowledgebase of capability models for various business and IT processes and services.

Capability Model

Accelerate organizational maturity and planning,  mitigate risk, and reduce cost of change with built-in capability maturity (value) models for various initiatives, IT Services, and business processes, such as, Security, Digital Enterprise, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Service monitoring.

Capability Maturity Levels

Assess and communicate current and target maturity of process and services capabilities across the portfolio. Ability to slice and dice depending upon the area of interest, and identify enabling practices.

Performance Metrics

What you measure is what gets done. Monitor trends and communicate key metrics with at-a-glance views of key performance indicators services. Ability to drill down and identify contributing portfolio elements.

Capability Dependencies

Well done is better than well said. Use dependency maps to understand and acquire underlying capabilities, and communicate value to your up-stream customers of your services or capabilities.

Governance, Complexity and Risk Management

High-performing organizations have effective and transparent governance.

Managing value, cost and risk is about making informed decisions anytime, anywhere by any decision maker.

CAMPTM makes the desired information easily accessible in the format of your choice. It allows you to gain quick insight and then drill down for details.


Analyze and communicate current and planned standards.

Technology Risk

Understand and identify current and potential risks.

Asset Risk

Analyze age and quickly identify end-of-life assets.

Complexity Tax

Analyze and identify source of non-value complexity.

Portfolio Risk

Maintain health of the portfolio by addressing services with technology risk.

Cost Reduction

Reduce cost by addressing services with multiple technologies and technology versions.

Strategic Planning

Begin with the End in Mind.

Managing business advantage is about thinking and planning ahead. It doesn’t mean that you build and they will come. It means having a statement of direction.

CAMPTM integrates planning with analysis and insight. It helps you build the plans based on the capability maturity assessment and then track progress.

Plan View

Develop, maintain and communicate strategic plan for any capability, service or technology.

Technology Roadmap

Visualize and share technology roadmaps with change events e.g. governance, life cycle and license renewals.

Performance (KPI) Management

Measure what matters, and it matters what you measure.

Delivering on expectations and managing value is about measuring what internal or external customers care about.

CAMPTM provides the ability to define a set of value dials and measure key performance indicators at organization, service, capability, technology or asset levels.

Service-level KPIs

Define, monitor and communicate performance at a service level using a business-centric approach.

Organizational Performance

Keep an eye on the portfolio with at-a-glance view on trends or performance against goals.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Where rubber hits the road. It is all about physical environment.

Managing business of IT is about managing what keeps on delivering IT capabilities to the business everyday.

CAMPTM allows you to manage assets wherever they happened to be in the data center or in the cloud.

Asset Management

Understand, analyze and manage core asset information, including what’s running on these assets.

Risk Management

Avoid disruptions by addressing aging assets with out-of-support technologies.

Technology Portfolio Management

Managing old is as important as deploying new things.

Managing business of IT is about on-going rationalization, optimization and maintenance of application and infrastructure technology portfolio.

CAMPTM allows you to plan and manage vendor and internal life cycles, inter-dependencies and redundancies.

Lifecycle Management

Get vendor life cycle feed. Understand and manage life cycle anytime.

Technology Management

Assess, plan and manage various aspects of technologies.

Service Portfolio Management

Do you know what you deliver to your customers?

Managing business of IT is just like managing any other business. It starts with products i.e. the services IT provides the business.

CAMPTM includes a reference Service portfolio you can leverage in defining your own service portfolio.

Service Portfolio

Manage IT by defining what IT delivers.

Service Management

Assess, plan and manage various aspects of services.